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“21st Century Skills in Education”

Sarajevo, 10 September 2014 – SEECEL as the regional expert institution was invited to take part in the conference entitled “21st Century Skills in Education”. The event was organized by the British Council Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and European Training Foundation.

SEECEL’s Director, Ms Efka Heder, in her presentation “Entrepreneurial Competencies in EU and the Regional Educational Systems”, explained the concept of key competence framework.

Ms Heder pointed out that basic skills are required; however, they are only one aspect and are not sufficient to meet the demands of today. Therefore, SEECEL’s Entrepreneurial Schools are meant to serve as a foundation in building entrepreneurial societies. Its aim is to prepare educators and students to think and do things in new ways in order to achieve set goals. Everyone must work together and cooperate in order for the Entrepreneurial School to succeed. Cooperation and active participation is required from parents, teachers, students, school management as well as the business world and local community.

Ms Željka Mrkša, Entrepreneurial Learning Expert was also present at this event.

In addition to the experts, the regional employers led the discussion about the learning outcomes in education and the importance and benefits they have on the entrepreneurial learning process.
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