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Best Practice: Entrepreneurial Learning in Sciences

SEECEL Pilot school "Murat Atilgan" from Turkey has developed a dedicated website where they showcase the development and implementation of entrepreneurial learning in their school.

The website was designed to be a central resource and reference source for students, teachers and parents to help promote entrepreneurship in the school and in the local community. The school has already published its annual action plan as well as detailed lesson plans for mathematics. They have also shared pictures and descriptions of basic and advanced teacher training as well as a host of various activities such as the celebration of the EU SME Week, various math activities, school trips, energy saving week, competitions, and many more. 

The Entrepreneurship Social Club also allows both students and parents to come up with their own ideas and develop them with full support of parents and school teacher and management. 

SEECEL is very happy to promote this incredible achievement and school-level coordination and warmly recommends interested schools both from Turkey and other countries and other stakeholders to explore this amazing resource.
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