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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – CEFTA Week 2013 was held on 18 – 19 November 2013 and has provided an excellent opportunity to emphasize the progress achieved by the CEFTA parties in the last six years. The purpose was to disseminate the current regional and global challenges in trade related areas such as investments, agriculture, customs and rules of origin and services.

CEFTA Week was also focused on the main priorities of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Chair for 2013 which included the outcoming decision on launching negotiations for liberalisation of trade in services - an engine for regional development, development and improvement of the mechanisms for elimination of trade barriers and for ensuring transparency in all areas.

The interesting subject was also Croatian withdrawal from CEFTA and the impact of this measure on the future Croatian cooperation with regional partners.

The CEFTAWeek was also attended by the SEECEL representatives Ms Sandra Rončević Project/Programming Manager and Assistant Director and Ms Marija Iličković Seconded/National Expert from Montenegro.
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