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Ms Maja Ljubić - Programme Development Coordinator

Maja Ljubić is the programme development coordinator at the South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL), where she continues to build upon twenty years professional experience in education and training.
She specialises in the development of national qualification frameworks, curriculum development based on learning outcomes, social inclusion and teacher training. Prior to her position at SEECEL, Maja was a senior adviser for education at the Education and Teacher Training Agency in Zagreb, Croatia, as well as in the Institute of Education of the Republic of Croatia.

Maja holds a BA in Defectology and an MSc in Inclusive Education from the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Zagreb University. She also holds a variety of education-related certificates and accredited courses from a variety of institutions, including OECD, The Danish Institute for Educational Training of Vocational Teachers, UNESCO, University of Missouri, The Dutch Inspectorate of Education, and many others.
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