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Developing an Entrepreneurial Society: Albania

On the 11 May, representatives from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy and Education Department in Tirana in cooperation with the SEECEL pilot school Edith Durham organized the Entrepreneurial Day.

The purpose of the day was to celebrate entrepreneurship and to spread awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship as a key competence. In attendance, alongside Ministry representatives, were teachers from schools in Tirana and SEECEL pilot institution representatives. The focus of the meeting was sharing the good practice examples and experience from the six Albanian SEECEL pilot institutions to other stakeholders in the education system.

A meeting with Ministry of Education and Science stakeholders was organized to inform them of SEECEL activities, pilot institution activities and the further impact in the school culture, school level curricula and to discuss the possibilty of replicating the pilot school experience in other schools in Tirana and Albania.

Furthermore, a workshop was held with the Tirana Education Directory about the activities in the pilot institutions, networking was established with the Junior Achievement Albania and AFLATUN (Child Social and Financial Education) stakeholders and preparations were made for the entrepreneurial fair for SEECEL pilot institutions to be held later in the year.
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