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Developing an Entrepreneurial Society: Albania

Tirana, November 2014 - The Minister of Education and Sports of Albania, Ms Lindita Nicholas has opened a fair entitled "Entrepreneurship, key competencies in education", as an initiative of the Institute for Educational Development, organized within the European SME Week.

During her speech, the Minister said that the Ministry is fully engaged in the transition from curricula based on objectives to competence-oriented curriculum, aligning Albanian schools with schools in developed countries of Europe. "Schools should enable the discovery and development of skills that will translate into the skills of working and living in a dynamic, changing rapidly and that requires continuous learning. Because the only adjustment that enables adaptation to success is knowledge, continuously update your knowledge in a more direct interaction reality where you live, "said Nicholas.

The Minister also added that "School as Community Center", is one of the most important projects of the Ministry of Education and Sport, which aims to transform the school into a conduit of knowledge of civics and bring it to new levels as the project democratization and European values nationwide.

"In order to pilot entrepreneurship as a key competence, the Ministry of Education and Sports has selected fourteen educational institutions at all levels of education, in the framework of the regional project implemented by the South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL)" said Ms Nicholas. Therefore, during the fair, the activities from SEECEL´s regional project for the implementation of the entrepreneurship as a key competence at all levels of education were presented by pilot institutions through stands and promotional materials. Furthermore, the plan of future activities within SEECEL´s project which will be implemented during the school year 2014-2015 were presented as well.

This fair was also an opportunity for awareness raising and collaboration of schools, universities, economy actors, entrepreneurship and educational central institutions by contributing to the implementation of EU obligations regarding entrepreneurship education, the implementation of the EU 2020 strategy for this component.
SEECEL very much supports this kind of national initiatives towards creating the Entrepreneurial Society and is grateful for enjoying support of the Albanian counterparts in implementing its activities related to strategic regional piloting of entrepreneurship as a key competence.
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