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Developing an Entrepreneurial Society: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar, 11 September 2014 - SEECEL and the Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina jointly organized a training session with the Members of the Working Group for ISCED ½ and ISCED Level 3 and representatives of the nominated pilot institutions for ISCED 1/2, ISCED 3 and ISCED 5/6 Level of education.

This was one in the string of preparatory trainings being held regionally in order to prepare the participants for the implementation of the regional strategic piloting of entrepreneurship as a key competence which will start mid-September 2014.

Ms Željka Mrkša, Entrepreneurial Learning Expert joined Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director in the training of approximately forty people held at the University of Mostar, Faculty of Science and Education in Mostar.

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