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Developing an Entrepreneurial Society: Bosnia and Herzegovina

A state level partnership in Bosnia and Herzegovina headed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and funded by EuropAid is currently working on promoting the importance of developing a society that stimulates and endorses entrepreneurial thinking in all walks of life.

The project encompasses a wide range of organisations and individuals throughout BiH who are committed to embedding entrepreneurial thinking into education and training programmes to have a positive impact on work and society.

The project work is divided amongst the Strategic Working Group responsible for developing the overall strategy and three consortium groups responsible for developing ways in which teaching can include entrepreneurial learning as a key competence at all levels.

The Strategic Working Group has developed a Common Accord for Entrepreneurial Learning which is based upon the European Reference Framework and clearly identifies the key competence ‘Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship’ as a significant objective within the education and training system.

It states the breadth of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for an entrepreneurial society and the Common Accord has been endorsed by over 20 key stakeholders involved in the development of entrepreneurial learning in BiH. The consortium groups have been hosting workshops on a variety of topics and piloting with pupils in over 20 schools.

The project is scheduled to finish soon, but has achieved significant success in initiating a long-term process which requires commitment and support from all actors and all stakeholder groups.
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