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Developing an Entrepreneurial Society: Montenegro

Please find below an article regarding the recent seminars for entrepreneurial learning at ISCED 2 level in Montenegro from SEECEL steering committee member Ms Marija Iličković (Directorate for Development of SMEs) and Anđela Gajević, coordinator of Montenegrin SEECEL pilot institutions.
"On the 10th and 11th of April 2012 , in the Bureau for Education Services in Podgorica was organized a seminar on the topic „ Entrepreneurial  learning releted to the students“ for the teachers of  primary schools included in pilot project „Entrepreneurial learning at ISCED 2“. The seminar objective was to train students to recognize different learning styles, to integrate key competences in learning process, to be creative, to use active learning methods in their work and to promote good practise exchange between the schools. The most attention was devoted to entrepreneurial learning theories, instruments for assessing of learning styles and motivation for learning, entrepreneurial learning strategies, teaching and learning methods and assessement methods, and possibilities of applying a system of  active learning process for project development.
The final seminar „Evaluation of entrepreneurial learning process“  was held on the 24th of May 2012 in the same place. The teachers had the task to prepare in advance a presentation-(student project), which will presented the topics and contents proccesed during the two first days of training in April. Special attention was paid to conditions which must be satisfied to create a positive entrepreneurial learning environment which facilitates the learning process and provides students an opporunity to develop their key competences they need for every day life, after graduation.
The teachers and directors of four primary schools: „Srbija“ Bar, „Milija Nikčević“ Nikšić, „Oktoih“ Podgorica, and „Veljko Drobnjaković“ Risan were in attendance at the seminar. The trainers were Mr. Dragutin Scekic, Director of school „Veljko Drobnjaković“ ,Risan  and Ms. Nevena Cabrilo, Head of the department for international cooperation from Bureau for Education Services,Podgorica.
We are pleased to inform you  that Directorate for development of SMEs will be coordinator of SEECEL project activities in next period, given the written concert from Ministry of Education and Sport and Ministry of economy."
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