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Entrepreneurship 360 in Entrepreneurial school in Montenegro

Zagreb, 5 March 2016 – The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) produced and launched a short video, promoting entrepreneurial learning in Elementary School „Veljko Drobnjaković“ in Risan, Montenegro. In this video, one can hear school's principle Mr Dragutin Ščekić talking about benefits of entrepreneurial learning that school started implementing back in 2010 within SEECEL´s regional strategic piloting project that has gathered schools and higher education institutions from E'Ship Net.

Firstly, Mr Ščekić thanked SEECEL for great support. Wanting to initiate changes in school promoting entrepreneurial learning as a base for development as a key competence, they participated in regional entrepreneurial learning project. One of main goals of the entire project was to work together on teacher motivation to accept positive changes and improving themselves to raise an overall quality of entire teaching system.

Mr Ščekić also pointed out the importance of strengthening cooperation between schools in the whole region, exchanging important information and experiences. He also said that students should benefit from this the most, because making entrepreneurial society is a guarantee that they will be ready for everything that awaits them in the labour market and life in general. For viewing the video, please click here.

Who is involved in Entrepreneurship360?

The International Stakeholder Group brings together key partners and experts in the field, to gain their input into the development of Entrepreneurship360. The members of the group are selected for their experience, knowledge and dedication in the area and are contribute to the conceptual development of Entrepreneurship360, the testing and revision phases, and the promotion of the pilot self-assessment instrument.

In addition, the involvement of as many members of the community as possible is important, which means that anyone can become an ambassador. Ambassadors participate in agreeing on the framework of the self-assessment tool, and its dissemination. The members of this group, not only promote Entrepreneurship360, but they act as a permanent panel to ensure the adaptability of the project to the different local contexts and practitioner experiences.

Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director is Entrepreneurship360 ambassador and her vision is to share knowledge and experience from the field of lifelong entrepreneurial learning, educational reforms, training of teachers, policy development for education within a greater economic context through human capital development.
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