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ETF and SEECEL directors discussed co-operation mechanisms

Following the SEECEL’s establishment as an independent institution, Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director, paid her first official visit to European Training Foundation (ETF) on 24 July 2009. During her visit, Ms Heder met with Ms Malden Serban, the newly appointed ETF Director.

The two heads of the institutions centred their discussion on the most recent developments in the area of lifelong entrepreneurial learning and discussed the prospects of co-operation and development of joint activities.

Among the topics discussed were the new regulations that broaden the ETF’scope to include human capital development with a greater focus on lifelong learning and a sharper focus on the interplay between education and training in the labour market.

Such ETF’s approach confirms the strategic importance of SEECEL mandate and its role in supporting all participating countries in the alignment of policies and practice in lifelong entrepreneurial learning with those of the European Union.
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