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ETF Conference "Boosting entrepreneurial culture through innovative learning"

SEECEL participated in a European Training Foundation conference focused on introduction of entrepreneurial learning in higher education in Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Southern Mediterranean. The conference took place in Turin on 25th of November 2010.

Amongst the many attendees were also SEECEL Steering Committee member Gavril Lasku from Albania and SEECEL international expert Lassaad Mezghani. Mr. Lasku presented the concept of an Entrepreneurial University Model in the South East European region, with a particular focus on value added from regional cooperation. He concluded that „good practices in the region have ignited the discussion and development of an implementable Entrepreneurial University Model.“ Mr. Mezghani added that „implementing entrepreneurial learning into universities is crucial to sustaining an entrepreneurial mindset in students, because research has shown that as students age, so does their intention to engage in entrepreneurial activities diminish.“

Ms. Efka Heder, SEECEL director, chaired a workshop called „Connecting up the entrepreneurial learning process in all levels of education“ where she presented SEECEL's vision and approach to the needs of close knit connections on all levels of education in regards to entrepreneurial learning. „There are three essential elements: learning outcomes definition and curriculum development, teacher training and school management training and entrepreneurial school and entrepreneurial university models. Entrepreneurial learning as a key competence needs to be included in all levels of education with special regards paid to the domino effect“ said Ms. Heder.

Anthony Gribben, ETF expert on entrepreneurial learning said „we are more and more concerned about our jobs and competitiveness, that’s why entrepreneurship is racing up on EU political agenda.“ Ms. Maja Ljubić, SEECEL's programme development coordinator added that „since universities are the highest form of education, they must also be the strongest institutions when it comes to promoting entrepreneurial learning as a key competence.
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