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EU Conference on Migrant Entrepreneurship

Brussels, 23 February 2016 - The South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) attended the Conference on Migrant Entrepreneurship in Brussels on 23 February 2016. Conference was chaired by Mr Michel Catinat, Head of Unit for Clusters, Social Economy and Entrepreneurship at European Commission.

Since European countries became an immigration destination for many populations facing distress in their home countries, creating significant economic integration of the migrants is a challenge for the host countries.

Because of that fact, European Commission organised this Conference and gathered distinguished experts to think of a way of overcoming barriers to employment and career progression for the migrants in their receiving countries.

In the Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020, the Commission invited Member States to remove legal obstacles to establishment of businesses by migrants and to facilitate access to relevant information and networking for migrant entrepreneurs. Faster resolving of institutional difficulties such as permits, licences and bureaucratic or legal issues, minimizing socio-cultural and religious difficulties.

Conference provided excellent exchange of data and information and some good practice examples have been presented like addressing all entrepreneurs to offer legal advices, specific language and business training, mentoring, network building activities, counselling as well as funding opportunities and access to finance and start-up. Supporting migrant entrepreneurship is crucial to unlock the potential of migrants to contribute their host countries not only as employees but as business creators.

SEECEL was represented in the Conference by Efka Heder, Director and Sandra Rončević, Assistant Director.
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