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European Commission: Towards the Green Economy

The European Commission launched a new document aimed at tackling the challenges in bringing about a more sustainable and green economy for Europe.

The document, titled "Rio+20: towards the green economy and better governance", reflects the twenty years that have passed since the first "Earth Summit" and reaffirms the Commission's dedication to achieving sustainable development.

The Commission sent a strong message that "without the necessary skills and know-how, a transition to a green economy will not be possible." In particular they focused on establishing "green skills training programmes", re-skilling existing workforce to better tackle the challenges of a green economy and educating youth. 

SEECEL has recently published a document that set out guidelines for development of learning outcomes at ISCED Level 2 which aim to develop sustainable and green knowledge, skills and attitudes in all citizens of South East Europe.

The SEECEL ISCED Level 2 Learning Outcomes can be found here.
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