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European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs

The European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs conference held in Warsaw on 15 November 2011 launched a Europe-wide network of mentors that will provide women entrepreneurs in the early phase of their entrepreneurial activities with concrete business advice, sharing of knowledge and experience, conatcts and moral support necessary to successfully run and grow their enterprises. The conference, hosted in cooperation between the European Commission and the Ministry of Economy and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, took place under the umbrella of the Polish Presidency of the European Union. 

As women account for only 34.4% of the self-employed in Europe, it is crucial to provide them with mentoring support from existing successful businesswomen who can provide them with concrete advice on how to run and grow their business. Entrepreneurship gives women the opportunity to remain flexible with their working hours and working places, particularly during late pregnancies and while the children are still dependent. The benefits of self-employment are especially significant in the context of global recessions and entrepreneurship provides a reliable set of knowledge and skills to facilitate the decision to create a startup business.

Mr Marko Curavić, European Commission Head of Entrepreneurship Unit in DG Enterprise and Industry commented that: "The wealth of creativity, insight, perspective and experience that women can bring to economies and businesses represent one of the most valuable sources of economic growth and job creation that Europe has. Supporting a positive and encouraging atmosphere in which women can collaborate with their successful peers will result in an increased number of women entrepreneurs – a dynamo  of sustainable, smart and inclusive growth for Europe."

Ms Efka Heder and Ms Sandra Rončević from SEECEL participated in the conference and represented the women entrepreneurs pillar of SEECEL activities which aims to strenghten women entrepreneurs as job creation engines for and of South East Europe. Ms Rončević commented that "it was great to be invited to attend [the conference] and share the region's activities and experience. The network will serve to underscore the importance of entrepreneurial learning in formal, non-formal and informal education and training systems, in particular for women which often feel more confident and learn better from other women themselves."
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