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EUSDR – 5th Steering Group Meeting of Priority Area 8

Bratislava, Slovakia – on May 15, 2013 the 5th Steering Group Meeting of Priority Area 8 (PA 8) of the EU Strategy for Danube Region (EUSDR) was held in Bratislava. PA 8 meeting resulted in presentation of information about the current status of the working groups, in particular the development of clusters, vocational training and innovation/technology transfer.

Participants received update on the status of the socio-economic study. In addition, a discussion was conducted on possible cooperation between PA 7, PA 8 and PA 9 priority areas.

The Croatian delegation was led by Ms Dijana Bezjak, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia. SEECEL was represented by Ms Maja Ljubić, Assistant Director. As a part of PA 8, pillar C, “To strengthen Danube Region entrepreneurs and SMEs” activity, a presentation was held on results and achievements of SEECEL as a flagship project of the Action plan.

The participants have been informed about official request of the Republic of Ukraine to join SEECEL activities, as well as the Government of Moldavia expressed interest to join the SEECEL’s member country group. 

On the afternoon part of the meeting, the joint meeting of representatives of PA 7, PA 8 and PA 9 activity areas, was held with the purpose of knowledge and experience exchange. The main subject of priority areas representatives’ joint meeting was the pillar 3 of EUSDR – Prosperity in the Danube Region.

The conference "Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy" was held on 16 May 2013. Purpose of the conference was to present flagship cluster projects and its partners to senior officials and stakeholders in the Danube region with focus on smart specialization and ensuring the efficient and sustainable usage of key resources in the Danube region.
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