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Exhibition of architectural solution of the future SEECEL building

Brussels, Belgium – 03 December 2013 an ''Exhibition of architectural solution of the future SEECEL building'' was organized by the South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) in cooperation with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia. The exhibition took place in the premises of DG Enterprise and Industry.

Investment for the construction of the building was planned and reserved through EU structural funds with full financial support from the Croatian government. The beginning of construction is planned for 2014 and full operability planned for 2016. The future SEECEL building will be located in Zagreb, Croatia.

On behalf of SEECEL, Assistant Director, Ms Sandra Rončević announced the opening of the exhibition. Welcoming approximately sixty participants, the host of the event and Head of Unit Entrepreneurship at the European Commission Directorate – General for Enterprise, Mr Marko Curavić, expressed his contentment with the whole project especially since entrepreneurship is significant in the future development of European Union and SEE countries.

Mr Massimo Baldinato from the cabinet of Commissioner Tajani also referred on the importance of entrepreneurship which was confirmed with the adoption of the Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020.

Mr Gordan Maras, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of Republic of Croatia, offered SEECEL’s knowledge and its infrastructure not only to SEE countries but to the whole EU.

SEECEL Director, Ms Efka Heder expressed her gratitude for all support that SEECEL has received in the past and once again thanked everyone for attending the exhibition. She talked about the path SEECEL has gone through   from the time of its establishment in 2009 to the point when European Commission recognized SEECEL as an example of the best practice in the field of entrepreneurial learning, followed by many other awards received.

Mr Clauss Jorgensen from COWI talked about the whole project infrastructure, deadlines and dedication to the project. Finally, Mr Igor Franić an architect of the future SEECEL building explained how the idea for the building solution came about.

The exhibition ended with the presentation of a movie entitled “SEECEL Home of Entrepreneurial Learning”. The film prompted much enthusiasm. The exhibition was also attended by Mr Bo Caperman (DG Enlargement), Ms Renata Vitez (CEFTA), Mr Gavril Lasku (ETF), Mr Oleg Valjalo (a member of the European Parliament), Mr Mario Nobilo (Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Brussels), representatives of international organisations, partner institutions, media and others.

On the following day, 4 December 2013, SEECEL's Steering Committee held its first meeting for the programming period 2013 – 2016. The objective of the meeting was to discuss activities taken up to date as well as steps to be taken on further developments.

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