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Expert Seminar: “Towards an Enhanced SME Policy Index Methodology”

Paris, 15 May 2014Towards an Enhanced SME Policy Index Experts’ Seminar was organized by the OECD at the OECD Headquarters in Paris to discuss the revision and improvement of the SME Policy Index Methodology.

The main focus of the meeting was on defining the indicators and questions which will be used in quantifying the qualitative information, the methodology to be used in scoring and weighing the indicators, the role of good practices as well as the statistics and information that can verify the data collected from the assessment.

The representatives from other partner organizations such as: ETF, EBRD, DG Enterprise and Industry as well as different departments from the OECD (Global Relations, Center for Entrepreneurship and Statistics Directorate), participated at the meeting. In addition, professors from the University of Warrick (UK) and the Bocconi University (IT) were invited for their contributions and inputs to the process, based on the experiences they possess, with an aim to strengthening the academia-private sector linkages as well as scientific research and methods in enterprises’ data analysis. Mr Igor Nikoloski, SEECEL’s Seconded National Expert participated at the seminar.
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