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Fostering City Development through Smart Decision, E-Governance and Energy Sustainability

Zagreb, 13-14 October 2014 – Under the auspices of the Croatian President, Dr Ivo Josipović, the conference was organized by the City of Zagreb; the Development Agency and the GoForeSight Institute.

The conference was planned in collaboration with various experts from cities such as Barcelona, Zurich, Warsaw, London, Ljubljana, Čakovec, Prelog and Zagreb, in order to connect and build partnership between industries, NGO’s and city authorities to respond to new challenges. Good practice cases for energy efficiency of cities and regions were presented.

One of the key speakers was SEECEL Director, Ms Efka Heder. She explained that SEECEL’s concept of education and training is based on Evidence Based Policy Making Process. Emphasizing the importance of building an Entrepreneurial Lifelong Learning Institution, Ms Heder said that it aims to start from an early age and prepares the young to think in new ways in order to respond to increasing challenges of today.

SEECEL’s E´ship network is composed of 162 institutions in 8 countries that are implementing entrepreneurship as a key competence. Involvement, cooperation and collaboration efforts between teachers, school management, students, parents and local business community are prerequisites for an entrepreneurial culture.
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