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Informal Competitiveness Council 2012

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning were the focus of an informal meeting of EU ministers in Cyprus on 19th and 29th of July. The meeting was organised under the umbrella of the Cyprus EU presidency which has focused on entrepreneurship, research and innovation as means of boosting the competitiveness of SMEs.

Present at the meeting was also the Croatian minister for entrepreneurship and SEECEL steering committee chairman, Mr Gordan Maras. In his presentation, minister Maras highlighted that entrepreneurial learning as a key competence is one of the developmental priorities of the Croatian government, and further elaborated on the success of regional cooperation of eight countries which form SEECEL.

Minister Maras, quoting the provision within the EU 2020 Entrepreneurship Action Plan for a European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (ECEL), offered SEECEL's know-how and experience to EU member states and the possibility for SEECEL to become ECEL. Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director, who was also present for the meeting, commented that "the region has a lot to offer in terms of experience and knowledge and we would be very glad to share it with all interested countries."

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