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ISCED 3 Working Group meeting and National Training in Tirana

Tirana, 12-13 May 2014 – The work of ISCED 3 Working Group continues on in order to develop the entrepreneurial learning package.

The event was opened by Ms Brunilda Paskali, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship of Albania and Mr Drazen Pros, SME Envoy and Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia.

In her welcoming remarks, Ms Paskali stressed the importance of entrepreneurial learning as the main driving force for competence enhancing the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial learning, Deputy Minister, Mr Drazen Pros pledged full support on behalf of the Croatia, as the youngest Member State in the EU, for structured regional cooperation in the area of entrepreneurial learning. This support can also be reflected in the sharing of the experiences, promoting entrepreneurship and small business at the local, national and regional level through various joint actions such as ones funded by Pre-Accession Funds and will be strengthened furthermore during the EU SME Assembly of the EU 28, planned for October in Naples, Italy.

Ms Paskali wished the group a fruitful session and success in the EL work. She reiterated the slogan often quoted by SEECEL: “The entrepreneurs of tomorrow are in our schools today”.

SEECEL´s Key Experts, Ms Olivera Smieško and Mr Andrew David Penaluna facilitated the work of two sub-groups: Learning Outcomes (LOs) and Teacher and School Management Training Modalities (TSMTM).

This work was supported by SEECEL staff, namely Ms Efka Heder, Director, Ms Maja Ljubić, Assistant Director, Ms Sandra Rončević, Assistant Director, Ms Sonja Šegvić, Office and Event Manager and Mr Stjepan Srhoj, Intern.

During their stay in Tirana, Deputy Minister Mr Pros and SEECEL took time to attend various bilateral meetings, not only in the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship, but also in the Ministry of Education and Science. The warm welcome was assured by Ms Mirela Andoni, member of SEECEL Board and member of the working group on ISCED 1/2 level of education. The purpose of these visits was to discuss the modalities of collaboration that will further foster entrepreneurship as a key competence in SEECEL Member States. SEECEL’s Director, Ms Heder offered further professional assistance and support in achieving common goals.

Following these statements, SEECEL was there on 13 May to support the national training of educational pilot institutions that will take part in the strategic regional piloting organized by SEECEL with plans to start piloting in September 2014. During the training, SEECEL presented the results from the previous piloting by stressing out the aims of the future one. Ms Heder expressed gratitude to the national stakeholders for their constant support and efforts towards the entrepreneurial society.

The training was attended by representatives of eight ISCED 2, four ISCED 3 and four ISCED 5/6 institutions that are all part of SEECEL Entrepreneurship Network (E'Ship Net).

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