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„LeaderSHE“ Conference in Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia – a LeaderSHE conference, as a main event of “21 way to success” project was held in Zagreb on 12 June 2013.  The "21 way to success" project aims to motivate young people and women to work on their personal and professional development, to inspire them to build their career in Croatia, as well as to promote self-employment, entrepreneurship and involvement in projects activism and politics.

In addition, projects’ role is to convey key messages and ideas to young people, with an aim to demonstrate the possibilities, potential and prospects that young women (and men) may have, find or create for themselves in Croatia, based on the stories and experiences of 21 successful women who built their career in Croatia.

The project is consisted of a series of seven panel discussions held from November 2012 until May 2013, in which the guests were always three successful women from different segments - economy, politics, culture and  arts, civil society and  academic community. Panel discussions were intended for those who are at the beginning or at the turning point of their career.

The final panel discussion has gathered seven influential women from Croatia with an aim to present their key messages on problems and solutions related to status of young women and men in modern Croatian society. SEECEL was represented by Ms Sandra Rončević, SEECEL Assistant Director and Ms Sonja Šegvić, Office and Event Manager. 

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