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Local and National Coalitions for Digital Jobs

Rome, 29 October 2014 - The European Commission (DG Connect) together with Telecentre Europe and the Grand Coalition Secretariat organized a workshop entitled Strengthening National and Local Coalitions for Digital Jobs.

The workshop was a unique opportunity to bring together existing National and Local Coalitions, as well as Coalitions that are under formation in the area of Digital Jobs. Presentations on best practices were followed by two interactive sessions with a structured approach on key areas where national coalitions could contribute and share best practices that can be replicated by other countries.

Workshop on Local Coalitions gathered participants from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia contributed to a lively and interactive workshop. Most of these members are partnering in a newly EU funded project called Delivering on Skills for Growth and Jobs. The project represents an example of how coalitions can get together and collaborate on transferring innovation and knowledge, in this case, FIT Ireland’s Training for employment programme.

Director Ms Efka Heder participated in the event on behalf of SEECEL.
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