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Macedonia: Entrepreneurial Learning in Education

The Entrepreneurship in the formal education system conference held in Skopje on 8 November 2011 focused on the inclusion of entrepreneurial literacy as a key competence in a national entrepreneurial education network in Macedonia. The conference gathered key stakeholders in the lifelong learning system, including education and economy representatives as well as external experts from SEECEL and the United Kingdom.

Mr Gjorge Ivanov, President of Macedonia, opened the conference by highlighting that: "Entrepreneurs embody the promise of the future, the knowledge that if you have a good idea if you are willing to work hard to see that idea realized, you can succeed in this country. In the fulfillment of this promise, entrepreneurs play a key role in expanding our economy and creating new jobs."

The following discussions and presentations generated new enthusiasm and awareness of the importance of entrepreneurial learning and consolidated the stakeholder base through fresh communication opportunities that are likely to result in increased cooperation between institutions from both the public and private sector. "It was a very impressive sight to see so many vibrant policy makers engaging in meaningful discussions and asking crucial but tough questions. SEECEL is very privileged to be invitied to present its activities to such an active gathering" commented Ms Maja Ljubić, SEECEL programme development coordinator.

To read more about the conference, please visit the following websites:
Ministry of Economy (english)
Ministry of Education (macedonian)
Business Start up Centre, St Cyril and Methodius University (english)
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