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Moldova joins the SEECEL Community of States

Ms Efka Heder and Ms Sandra Rončević from SEECEL visited the Republic of Moldova to celebrate Moldova's entrance into SEECEL with Moldova’s SBA coordinator Ms Lillia Palli and to attend the unveiling of a new entrepreneurship strategy proposal for 2012-2020.
With the start of the project “Women Entrepreneurs – a job creation engine for South East Europe” financially supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Moldova is entering into strategic and systematic regional development of policy tools and recommendations to support female entrepreneurship in the region and strengthen existing national developments in the field.

Ms Palli invited and welcomed SEECEL staff and opened the first of many dialogues to facilitate and support all SEECEL activities within Moldova. “We are very happy to have this unique opportunity to share our developments with Moldova and to be able to draw on the expertise and experience from our Moldovan partners” said Ms Heder, SEECEL director.
The visit coincided with the unveiling of a new proposal for an entrepreneurship strategy to cover the period 2012-2020. The strategy proposal focuses on five key areas: legislative framework for SMEs, access to finance, competitiveness and innovation, entrepreneurial learning and public-private partnership.
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