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New SEECEL publication on entrepreneurial schools

Zagreb, 12 October 2016 — The South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) has issued a new publication entitled ‘Entrepreneurial Learning – A Key Competence Approach in Practice for ISCED Level 1 and ISCED Level 2’. The publication presents the results of a series of piloting activities incorporating entrepreneurial learning which were implemented by primary, lower secondary schools (ISCED levels 1 and 2) and teacher training authorities in South East Europe and Turkey.  The specific objective of the SEECEL pilot project framework was to incorporate entrepreneurial learning into existing subjects in the region.

The importance of the entrepreneurial learning is best highlighted through SEECEL’s quote 'Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of tomorrow are in our school today' - the students attending educational institutions now will probably have several different careers in their lifetime, because work is changing constantly and rapidly. As we are already witnessing, people will have to learn to work quickly, to adopt new methods, to correct their errors promptly. The powerful pace of change will force people to face and deal with uncertainty and ambiguity and heed their intuition.

In this context, entrepreneurial learning activities, especially real entrepreneurial experience will provide a new perspective for students, teachers, school managers and parents, not only in their local and wider community but also for their own personality and their future. For that reason, we believe that entrepreneurial learning is a basic tool suitable for everyone and no one should be excluded.
The key aim of the publication is to inform and present the results of a series of entrepreneurial learning piloting activities implemented by primary, lower secondary schools (ISCED levels 1 and 2) and teacher training authorities in South East Europe and Turkey.

The piloting activities were framed within a regional pilot project framework developed by SEECEL. The pilot project framework was itself part of a large-scale project for introducing and promoting entrepreneurial learning in societies of eight countries of South East Europe and Turkey. It provided not only a set of instructional outcomes, tasks, strategies and activities, but a strategic, multi-country approach as well. It presents a powerful model of lifelong entrepreneurial teaching and learning, enabled and accelerated by different tools and resources, taking hold within different learning environments at all levels of the educational system. The word ‘piloting’ is important in this context: the aim of the SEECEL pilot project was not to apply a ‘one size fits all’ solution to institutions. Instead of seeking to impose a specific unique scenario, we aim to suggest ideas, bring people together and offer guidance and support to those who want to put into practice the suggestions from SEECEL entrepreneurial network. Rather, the project explored how to create an environment conducive to the development of an entrepreneurial culture within and outside educational institutions, in other words how to become the ‘entrepreneurial nest’ for the local and the wider community.

Therefore, this publication familiarizes readers with the developed framework, promotes a series of actions taken in eight different countries and inspires you to become a supporter of entrepreneurial values and an active creator of an entrepreneurial society.

Publication can be found here.
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