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Opening of the „Entrepreneurial Nest“ in Croatia

Brestovec Orehovički, 18 February 2016 – Following the participation in the Entrepreneurship Network, the Regional Programme of the South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL), the Primary School Stjepan Radić from Brestovec Orehovički has launched an „Entrepreneurial Nest“ for primary schools in Croatia during the opening ceremony.

The objectives of this initiative are common to all participants involved. It's important to further motivate all stakeholders in the education system to implement entrepreneurial learning as a cross-curricular subject, educate stakeholders in the education system about ways and methods of implementing entrepreneurial learning in the formal education system and demonstrate practical examples of entrepreneurial learning in the existing curriculum. This initiative will bring together elementary schools, secondary schools, local government, local entrepreneurs and regional development agency of Krapina-Zagorje County with full support of Croatian Chamber of Crafts and SEECEL to work closely on creating entrepreneurial society. 

SEECEL's Director, Ms Efka Heder used the occasion to consign specially designed plaque containing the title of Entrepreneurial School to the Primary School Stjepan Radić as a recognition of their engagement in strategic regional piloting of entrepreneurial learning as a key competence. The same plaque will be awarded to other educational institutions from the Entrepreneurship Network, during Entrepreneurial Camp planned to be held in autumn 2016.

Ms Heder emphasised that the school sets a great example for others because „entrepreneurs of tomorrow are in this school today“. She also emphasised importance of entrepreneurial learning, especially for local communities and how it contributes to future development.

The school's principal, Mr Zdenko Kobešćak proudly presented the school´s entrepreneurial learning activities, giving guests a tour with participation in presentation of Entrepreneurial Nest programme in an interactive computer class room. The school also presented crafts and hand made products that students produced themselves.

Mr Dragutin Ranogajec, President of Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, was there in a role of Patron of the First Entrepreneurial Nest in South East Europe. Other guests included Mr Darko Ban, Mayor of Bedekovčina and Ms Jasna Petek, Vice president of the County of Zagorje and Ms Željka Mrkša, SEECEL Entrepreneurial Learning Expert.
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