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Panel discussion: „Creativity and knowledge for better Croatia“

Zagreb, 24 May 2016 - South East European centre for entrepreneurial learning (SEECEL) attended a panel discussion „Creativity and knowledge for better Croatia“ organized by Croatian Employers' Association and Pragma Association. The main goal of this discussion was the importance of the creative and cultural industries sector for the development of whole society.

All participants in the panel discussion highlighted the need to continue the reform of the educational curriculum, noting that the process had couple of errors. Regardless to that, standing in place and doing nothing would definitely be the worst possible option. Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts, Aleksandar Battista Ilic said that the group for making curricular reform demonstrated exceptional cooperation and understanding for the need of creativity at all levels of education.

Creating resources for self-conscious society, culture and economy creating a high added value is all based on the education system that encourages creativity. Creativity is considered a key competence of the 21st century, with creative education contributing to the opening of our society. Mission is to enable young people to acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare them for all social challenges in the future.

SEECEL fully supports the need to create a critical, creative and innovative thinking society, because these are foundations of sustainable development which is why Croatia should be directed towards social, cultural and economic development spurred by innovation and creativity of individuals.

SEECEL's representative at this discussion was Vesna Štefica, Strategic Piloting and Peer Project Officer. 
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