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PIIP Forum

Zagreb, 27 May 2015 - Round Table „ Zagreb talks about employment“, as a part of the project „Forum for project-intervention-implementation partnership-PIIP Forum“ was held in Zagreb.

At the first part, project manager Mr Antonio Matković from Institute for labour market development presented a whole project, after that Mr Luka Rajčić from Ministry of labour and pension system, made a presentation about Operational Program for Human Resource Development and financial possibilities for future projects.

Ms Irena Matejčić from City office – Croatian Employment Services showed practical example on how to use on-line statistic data. Two more Forums will be organized within this project. The final results will be a Catalogue of ideas for financing from ESF, and horizontal – development activity of Zagreb City Local partnership for employment.

The South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning was respresented by Vesna Štefica, Project Activity Officer.
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