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Preparing for Audits in EU External Cooperation Projects

Berlin, 1-2 December 2014 – SEECEL was invited as a best practice example, to hold a workshop on the seminar entitled “Preparing for Audits in EU External Cooperation Projects”.

The event was organized by the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law for the representatives of national and regional institutions which are involved in administration of projects funded by the European Union.

More than half of all development aid worldwide is supported through the European Union financing instruments. The process of receiving funds is extensively audited by the external auditors, the European Commission and European Court of Auditors. Therefore, the seminar was organized with the purpose of upskilling the knowledge of attendees with regard to the audit requirements and its benefits.

The three sections of the seminar focused on the auditor’s perspective, beneficiary’s perspective and organisational matters.

As regards beneficiary’s perspective, Ms Sandra Rončević Assistant Director at the SEECEL, held a presentation and a workshop with an aim to present know-how from audit of SEECEL´s projects. Ms Sonja Šegvić SEECEL Office and Event Manager, also attended the seminar.
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