Developing an Entrepreneurial Society: Serbia

Eleven national partners in Serbia have agreed to cooperate on the development of entrepreneurial learning under the umbrella of the European Training Foundation project "Partnership for lifelong entrepreneurial learning in Serbia".

On 23rd of December 2010 representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Agency for Education and Training, National Employment Service, Serbian University Conference, National Agency for Regional Development, Serbian Employers' Association, Belgrade Open School, Civic Initiatives and Serbian Chamber of Commerce signed a protocol to formally mark the beginning of structured cooperation. 

Mr. Miloš Bugarin, president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, commented that "until now, Serbia has been the only country in the region that did not have an institutionalized partnership in the field of entrepreneurial learning, and this [partnership] is crucial to development of entrepreneurial learning, which is in turn crucial for fostering the competitiveness of Serbian economy and entrepreneurial spirit."

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