SEECEL'S Preparatory Workshop for the SBA Assessment 2014/2015

Zagreb, 9 - 10 October 2014 – SEECEL hosted a preparatory Workshop for the SBA Assessment 2014/2015, which brought together around forty representatives of SEECEL, ETF, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and Experts from eight SEECEL Member States.

Among other SEECEL´s task is to actively take part in the SBA Assessment of pre-accession countries. Therefore, the purpose of the Workshop was to prepare countries for the upcoming SBA Assessment as a very important step within the overall SBA for Europe process. Moreover after the introduction session the Workshop was focused on the group work for principles 1 and 8, individual assessment and peer assessment methodology as well as on defining next steps by ETF and SEECEL. Moreover, the workshop served as an excellent feedback from EU pre-accession entrepreneurship experts on value of intern'al peer review of their education system.

Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director, emphasized that weakest area for entrepreneurial development in all pre-accession countries is monitoring & evaluation and it should be improved.

Mr Gribben from ETF stated that Entrepreneurial Learning is not only about businesses, that it has business agenda, but it's also about developing entrepreneurial character.