18th International Conference of EVBB – “Work – based training for employment and growth”

Zagreb, 15-18 October 2014 – Under the patronage of the Ministry for Labour and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia, the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVVB) held the 18th International Annual Conference.

The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training is the European umbrella association of free and non-profit educational providers. Its objective is to improve vocational education and training in European countries. Mr Werner Sigmund, EVBB President, said that ”a strengthening of employability, the resulting reduction in unemployment rates and economic growth, can only be ensured and sustained by achieving a practise-based vocational education”.

A keynote speaker, Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director, spoke on “Entrepreneurship as a key competence in South East Europe and Turkey experience”. Pointing out that EL concept as a key competence is not introduced in a systematic way into educational framework. There are existing examples of EL activities undertaken as cross curricula topic in general part of the education, or it is taught as a separate subject, especially in VET schools. Ms Heder said that EL in schools should be approached from a cross curricular aspect and should be embedded in the schools’ existing subjects, in order to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competences in building entrepreneurial society.

Other significant experts included Ms Lidija Hrastic Novak, on behalf of Minister Mirando Mrsic, from Ministry for Labour and Pension System of Croatia, Managing Director at the Institute Expertise, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment  for People with Disabilities; Mr Luigi Bobba, Secretary of State at Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – Italy; Mr Norbert Schöbel, European Commission , GD Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour - Brussels; Mr Klaus Fahle, National Agency Education for Europe (NA at BIBB, - Germany; Ms Maureen O’Neill, European Economic and Social Committee  (EESC) and Ms Petra Draxl, Labour Market Service, - Austria.

In addition, chances for dialogue to discuss issues as well as develop new projects were stimulated through workshops on the issues “Neet´s”; “Education Transfer” and “Work-based training”.