"Women with no Excuses " - Panel Discussion on Women's Entrepreneurship Day

On Women's Entrepreneurship Day, 19 November 2014, the Business School PAR in Rijeka plans to gather "Women with no Excuses."

To start a career as an entrepreneur at the time when  crisis is still blamed for as a cause and a consequence of extremely poor development of the economy- is either courageous or foolish. If we add the statistical data which indicates a larger proportion of women registered as unemployed, often with lower wages, underrepresented in entrepreneurial ventures or managerial positions, it is not surprising that women are more reluctant to enter into entrepreneurship.

However, support mechanisms for entrepreneurship and innovation are in the process of being developed. Among them, there are many that focus on women and promote entrepreneurship culture among youth. In addition to the formal mechanisms, usually oriented on financial support, there are a number of associations, initiatives and events that promote positive values, attitudes and experiences of successful women.

One such event, entitled "Women with no Excuses", will be held in Rijeka on 19 November 2014, organized by the Business School PAR, a first private institution of higher education in Primorsko – Goranski County. The date was not chosen by chance! The event falls during the 'Women's Entrepreneurship Day', which has spread as a global initiative within the GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week). The event with an intriguing name and important vision, "Women with no Excuses", promotes positive experiences of successful women from industry, business and diplomacy.

 During the paneldiscussions, nine women will talk about their work, careers and their success stories. Along with women who have already established themselves as strong businesswomen, promising young women entrepreneurs will introduce themselves as well. The objective of "Woman with no Excuses" is to provide a positive image of women's entrepreneurship and inspire other women to make this significant step forward in their career.

At the first discussion panel, the positive aspects of entrepreneurial and diplomatic experiences will be shared by: Nansi Tireli, President of the Committee for Gender Equality; Jagoda Vukusic, a former Ambassador in Norway and Australia and Tajana Kesić Šapić, Assistant Director at the Department of Industry and Technology at the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The second panel of discussis will be hosted by young perspective entrepreneurs, while the third panel of discussions will be devoted to the cross linking of women entrepreneurs and business women.

"Women with no Excuses " will be held in partnership with the South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL), Croatian Association of Business Women (CIRCLE) and Business and Professional Women - First Croatian Club Pula. Sponsors of the event are City of Rijeka and Primorsko – Goranski County.