SEECEL participated at the 5th High Level Reflection Panel

The two day panel was jointly organized by the European Commission, ETF and the Croatian government and was a place of bringing  together representatives from eleven EU partner countries in order to share ideas and knowledge on developing an entrepreneurial „modus vivendi“  within their societies. The Zagreb panel was the final panel of a five-part series of meetings with the exception of involving non-member states for the first time.

The event was formally opened  by Mr Radovan Fuchs, the Croatian minister of Education and Ms Tajana Kesić Šapić, the State Secretary from the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship. Ms Fuchs stated that entrepreneurship programs at schools and vocational institutes over the past 10 years had proven very popular with young people but that shifting the mindset of older population remained a challenge.

Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL's director, as one of  the key note speakers gave a presentation during the Plenary Session 6: European and multi-country perspectives for entrepreneurship education, where she spoke extensively about SEECEL's establishment and recent developments.

Participants at the 5th High Level Reflection Panel on Entrepreneurship Education were told that developing an entrepreneurial mindset among all European population is essential if the continent is to recover from its worst economic recession in more than half a century.