Entrepreneurial Literacy - a necessity for a new age

In a fast paced and changing world, actions that arise from opportunites are the ones that stand the most chance of becoming successful and productive.

In social and economic enterprenurial activity alike the key element is the human one – entrepreneurs, and particularly young entrepreneurs, play an important role in shaping the future through innovation.

The need to support these activities has been recognized in the EU 2020 strategy and SEECEL member states have embraced this goal as one of their key priorities in national developments.

A host of activities, ranging from international to regional, national and local, celebrated the recent EU SME week, and schools which are taking part in the SEECEL pilot phase have taken it upon themselves to immerse children in an entrepreneurial environment which will develop their entrepreneurial capacity and one day form the basis of a society that thinks and acts entrepreneurial.

Photo: Children and teachers from ISCED 2 school „Beyhan Gencay" in Hatay, Turkey.