Third meeting of the Tourism Expert Group

Belgrade, 21-22 April 2015 - OECD Regional Programme for South East Europe and Regional Cooperation Council, organized the Third meeting of the Tourism Expert Group.

Following up on the second meeting, the main attention was on the programming process for the implementation of the SEE 2020 Strategy. The process will be aligned as much as possible with the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance II (2014-2020) programming and will be based on the same set of principles, charting a way for simple, strategic, flexible, efficient and effective means of action.

The first day of the Tourism Expert Group meeting was devoted to the presentation and review of the results of the most recent work on the three work streams: 1) bridging the skills gaps in the tourism sector; 2) fostering regional co-operation in tourism in the SEE region; 3) developing high-value tourism market segments.
The discussions were complemented with keynote speeches by relevant tourism sector experts to highlight some international good practices in each of the focus areas.  

The second day of the Tourism Expert Group Meeting was anticipated to bring together SEE 2020 Regional Dimension Coordinators and other regional partner-organisations involved in the various areas of tourism industry, which would represent components of the all-encompassing regional programme on tourism industry, and to be submitted for Multi-Beneficiary IPA funding for the upcoming financing cycle 2016.

This Third meeting of the Tourism Expert Group was attended by Željka Mrkša, SEECEL’s Entrepreneurial Learning Expert.