10 years of Investment Compact

A high level ministerial conference in Paris on the 23 and 24 November 2011 celebrated ten years of the South East Europe Investment Compact and commemorated the transition of the management of the Compact from OECD to the Regional Cooperation Council. The Compact's main goal is to improve the investment climate and to encourage private sector development in South East Europe.

In focus of the meeting were a series of key issues: creating a single regional market, deepening co-operation on investment related issues and laying the foundations of a knowledge economy. These issues also form the core of a larger drive to foster a more competitive South East Europe through the "2020 Vision". 

SEECEL, OECD partner in the Investment Compact took part in the conference. Ms Sandra Rončević, SEECEL project manager, commented that "the cooperation between OECD and SEECEL continues to be a strong mechanism that recognizes and supports regional achievements and efforts in providing for SME-oriented economies that will support smart, sustainable and inclusive growth."

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