World Science Day for Peace and Development

Brestovec Orehovički, 7 November 2016 - The South East Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) participated in the event regarding 'World Science Day for Peace and Development', hosted and organised by Stjepan Radić Primary School.
Intention of World Science Day for Peace and Development was to raise awareness for the importance of science and also to bridge the gap between science and society, with the aim of using science like a social benefit. This year's theme of World Science Day for Peace and Development is “Towards Green Societies: Equity, Inclusiveness, Participation.”
Stjepan Radić Primary School and Mr Zdenko Kobeščak gathered many distinguished guests and entrepreneurs from the Zagorje region to jointly witness all achievements and progress made by the school in the past few years.
As part of the celebration of the World Day of Science for Peace and Development, Primary School Stjepan Radic presented implementation of their four projects:  
At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Kobeščak thanked everyone and highlighted the importance of implementation of entrepreneurial learning as a key competence in order to develop the entrepreneurial eco-system and entrepreneurial society. Also, he underlined the importance of unity and teamwork, and how individuals can and should contribute. SEECEL’s Director Efka Heder stressed that the entrepreneurial learning is extremely important because of the further development of society.
SEECEL's representatives were Efka Heder, Director, Maja Ljubić, Assistant Director and Mirna Pejić, Project Policy Analyst.