SEECEL hosted a visit of teachers involved in the Erasmus+ program in Slovenia

Zagreb, 9 November 2016 – The South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) hosted a study visit of 16 teachers from 12 countries involved in the Erasmus+ program "Teaching entrepreneurship in schools: an experimental approach".

Study visit was requested by delegation of the Primera Group, Slovenia and included a presentation of SEECEL’s work and accomplishments, visit to SEECEL’s entrepreneurial school 1st Gymnasium and SEECEL’s partner institution Plavi ured, where they had the opportunity to listen about fostering entrepreneurial culture in Croatia and compared it with situations in their own countries.  

The goal of this Erasmus+ project is the training of teachers for entrepreneurial learning so visitors shared their thoughts and experiences on the promotion of the entrepreneurial climate in their countries. Teachers from Belgium, Romania, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Italy, Slovenia and Uruguay exchanged good practices and experiences during their visit.

SEECEL’s Director, Ms Efka Heder warmly welcomed all the guests and said how the human capital is the most important potential of any economy in creating sustainable growth and SMEs are the core of economic growth, innovations, employment and social integration. Entrepreneurial learning as a key competence is extremely important in order to develop the entrepreneurial eco-system and entrepreneurial society. SEECEL presented their entrepreneurial learning model for entrepreneurship as a key competence and also offered the possibility of using SEECEL instruments for development of entrepreneurial learning within their institutions.