Council of the Partnership for Entrepreneurial Learning

SEECEL participated in the second meeting of the Council of the Partnership for Entrepreneurial Learning in Serbia on 24.02.2012.
The partnership's main responsibilty is to coordinate national actions in line with national policy priorities for the development of a lifelong entrepreneurial learning system (LLEL). The partnership is composed of: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Conference of Serbian Universities, Institute for the Improvement of Education, National Agency for Regional Development, National Employment Service, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Serbian Employers Association, Belgrade Open School and Civic Initaitives.
The Council, founded on the initiative of all the partners on 26.12.2011 is chaired by Mr Radovan Živković from the Ministry of Education and Science with vice-chair Ms Katarina Obradović Jovanović from the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development. The Council is responsible to and for cross-stakeholder cooperation which aims to promote acquistion of entrepreneurial literacy in all education and training systems in Serbia. The partnership is particularly strenghtened with an even representation from both the economic and education sectors.
SEECEL was invited by the Council as a regional expertise body to update all relevant national stakeholders on actions happening at a regional level that support LLEL developments in Serbia. Focus of the presentation was on the SEECEL pilot phase in which Serbian education and training institutions at ISCED 2 and ISCED 5/6 level are actively taking part.
This invitation continues on the cooperation established and supported during the Serbian parliamentary discussion on the 30th Novemeber 2010 where SEECEL presented EU policy essentials to all stakeholders in the LLEL system.