Developing an Entrepreneurial Society: Turkey

SEECEL pilot institutions from Turkey gathered on 9th May in Ankara to celebrate Europe Day and develop plans to disseminate entrepreneurial learning know-how and experience across Turkey.

Present at the meeting were representatives of all SEECEL pilot institutions from Turkey as well SEECEL Steering Committee members Ms Necla Haliloglu (KOSGEB) and Mr Ibrahim Bukel (Ministry of National Education).

"We thought it would be meaningful and important to have such an activity on Europe Day" said Mr Bukel. The meeting started with a brief overview of Europe's history, current situation and future propsects and continued into a discussion on the role that the SEECEL project has on the development of entrepreneurial learning in Turkey. Schools in particular shared their success stories and demonstrated their inspiration, team work, dedication and motivation.

The most important conclusion of the meeting was that "our most urgent mission now is to disseminate this know-how all over the country" said Ms Haliloglu.

At the end of the meeting, pilot institutions received their respective decorative boards which highlight their participation in SEECEL activities and in the SEECEL international network of entrepreneurial schools. Mr Bukel remarked that "every one of the participants left the meeting very satisfied."