SEECEL celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

SEECEL is invited to participate and present its work and achievements at the conference organised within the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The conference which will be held in Brussels on the 13 November 2012 forms part of the ETF’s wider celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week with its partner countries.

It will include a range of interactive sessions and will hear from a number of high-profile speakers including Herman Van Rompuy(President of the European Council), Gordan Maras (Minister for Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Republic of Croatia), Pervenche Bères (MEP), Staffan Nilsson (President of the European Economic and Social Committee), Jan Truszczyński(Director General for Education and Culture, European Commission), Thomas Cooney (President, International Council for Small Business), Karen Wilson (Global Advisory, Global Entrepreneurship Week) and Madlen Serban (Director, European Training Foundation).
Mr Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship shared his views on the EU’s efforts to promote entrepreneurship at home and abroad by stating: „I’m glad that that one of the ETF’s two main events in 2012 has been devoted to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning. To instil entrepreneurial skills and values in younger generations is not an easy task. I am sure that exchanging practice between the EU and its neighbours can help us find best ways to move forwards. I therefore wish you a very good conference. Millions of new innovative and creative enterprises would rejuvenate Europe’s economic basis. The same applies to our neighbours. We all want to make our part of the world more robust, more job-generating and more resilient to stormy economic times.“
The recommendations from the conference for more systematic identification, quality assurance and dissemination of good practice in entrepreneurship training will be taken up by the ETF in 2013.