Presentation of the Women Entrepreneurship project in Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia - SEECEL national WETNAS expert Ms Dušica Semenčenko has presented the activities of the project “Women entrepreneurship – A Job Creation Engine for South East Europe”, on 6th March 2013 in Belgrade. The presentation of the project was supported by the Association of Business Women of Serbia, which will implement the WETNAS instrument.

The main goal of the presentation was to announce the start of WETNAS survey and to attract present stakeholders to participate in the survey. Among the audience were women entrepreneurs, representatives of women entrepreneurs associations and agencies specialized in conducting training.

Participants of the meeting have been acquainted with the SEECEL as a unique expert institution in the field of entrepreneurial learning in the South East Europe region. Project presentation was continued on with closer introduction of two aspects of Women Entrepreneurship project – WE Indicators and WE Training Needs Analysis System (WETNAS).

The special focus was given to the presentation of WETNAS questionnaire. The most important conclusion from this event according to participants’ was the raising of awareness of the necessity of running this kind of survey, as a one of the preconditions for structured public support to strengthening of the women entrepreneurship potentials.