SEECEL facilitated the 2nd workshop in Serbia

The key strategic directions of the Republic of Serbia in the area of lifelong entrepreneurial learning and actions to be followed were in the spotlight of the second workshop for relevant Serbian stakeholders organised within the framework of the European Training Foundation’s project "Entrepreneurial Learning". The workshop took place in Belgrade (the premises of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia) on 29-30 June 2009.

SEECEL experts, Ms Efka Heder and Mr Nenad Vakanjac, facilitated the workshop with an objective to bring together the views, knowledge and opinions of Serbian stakeholders and to engage them in discussion on the critical issues that may impact the choice of key strategic directions / pillars in field of the lifelong entrepreneurial learning.

SEECEL’s analysis of the nature and complexity of diverse approaches related to the development of a national strategy for lifelong entrepreneurial learning developed in European / South-East European (SEE) countries as well as the most recent realities that have emerged as the consequence of the European Charter for Small Enterprise 2008 assessment contributed importantly to the broadening of the perception of the issues and to extracting some of the key elements that should be considered in Serbian national strategy.

Drawing on experience of the SEE countries, most notably Croatia and Montenegro, SEECEL’s team presented criteria for effective operational framework of the partnership in the field of entrepreneurial learning, including the establishment of a co-ordination / operational body and key elements of a detailed protocol / rules of procedures.

As a result of the workshop, the key stakeholders concerned decided to establish working groups with the mandate to work on elaboration of detailed strategic goals / specific objectives and relevant clusters of measures

The third workshop will be held on 14 September 2009 with a view of consolidating the outputs of the working groups and agree upon the final content of the Serbian strategy in the area lifelong entrepreneurial learning.