Global Entrepreneurship Week: SEECEL 3rd Steering Committee meeting

As a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, SEECEL will be hosting its 3rd Steering Committee meeting in Zagreb on the 15th of Novemeber 2010.

The chair of the SEECEL Steering Committee is Tihana Kraljić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Croatia.

The main topic of discussion will be an update on the current progress towards achievement of SEECEL strategic goals, as well as a detailed discussion on the current work on SEECEL’s Community of Practice and its community of experts.

The experts, representative of the eight SEECEL member states, are key to successful completion of SEECEL programme. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the agenda will cover elements of future activities implementation according to the SEECEL strategic plan.