SEECEL 3rd Steering Committee Meeting

“This is the continuation of a lifelong relationship” is how Mr. Bo Caperman of the European Commission (EC) DG Enlargement described SEECEL’s 3rd Steering Committee meeting.

The international Steering Committee composed of eight countries of South East Europe, two representatives of the European Commission and representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship (MoELE) of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Chamber of Economy, ETF, OECD and RCC met to discuss SEECEL’s activities and successes so far.

In focus were SEECEL’s activities on its online Community of Practice where national and international experts discuss policy guidelines and recommendations for current and future EU candidate countries. Mr. Marko Curavić of the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry remarked that the“[EC] is happy that SEECEL is a leading organisation in South East Europe for [entrepreneurial learning], but also a good model for some member states.”

Started as an initiative of eight SEE countries and headed by the Republic of Croatia, SEECEL is continuing to develop entrepreneurial learning in the region as a key competence for future citizens of South East Europe.

Asides from the tangible benefits of increasing competitiveness, social inclusion and promoting employment, SEECEL’s mission has also increased cohesion and cooperation amongst SEE countries.

Ms. Tihana Kraljić, state secretary MoELE, remarked that: “Competitive small and medium enterprise is the cornerstone of successful economic growth and development of all countries. Republic of Croatia, recognised as a leader in the field in the region, fully supports this form of cooperation of the countries of South East Europe.”