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Promotion of dual education conference

 Zagreb, 8 March 2018 – The promotion of dual education conference was held in organisation of German-Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce with an aim to present training of mentors.

It gathered more than 50 participants, from business, VET schools, ministries and agencies. Vlado Prskalo, assistant minister of science and education was also attending the conference.

The main speakers were Michael Härtel from German Federal Institute for VET and Mile Živčić as Director of Agency for VET and adult education. Jan Ebben, project manager of the Chamber´s project “Dual education” has presented German legislation on training of mentors.

The culmination of the conference was during the round table where strengths and weaknesses f mentorship system in Croatia were discussed.  More systematic approach to training of mentors was one the main conclusions but also closer collaboration with the business world.

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