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Regional Stakeholder Meeting of the SBA Assessment 2015

Paris, 26 – 27 October 2015 – SEECEL attended the Regional Stakeholder Meeting regarding the assessment on the Small Business Act for Europe (SBA) in the Western Balkans and Turkey, which was held in the Headquarters of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. The meeting was co-organised with the OECD, the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Training Foundation (ETF) and SEECEL. Christos Kyriatzis, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission and Marzena Kisielewska, Head of OECD South East Europe Division welcomed the national stakeholders from the Western Balkans and Turkey and partner organisations.

On 26 October 2015, bilateral meetings between partner organisations and SBA co-ordinators were held to counter check on the SBA assessment country scores and to discuss any additional information. During the meeting on 27 October 2015 results were presented and discussed from the side of the partner organisations and in addition to this, good practice examples were shared from each of countries.

Regarding the human capital dimensions of the SBA (Dimension 1 Entrepreneurial Learning and Women's Entrepreneurship and Dimension 8a Enterprise Skills) a presentation on the state of play in the region was made jointly by Kristien Van den Eynde (Expert on Entrepreneurship and Skills, ETF), Thomas Farnell (Entrepreneurial Learning Expert at SEECEL) and Stjepan Srhoj (Programme Officer and Liaison at SEECEL). Additionally, Anđela Pusonjić Gajević (Senior Advisor of the Directorate for SME Development in Montenegro), presented the great achievements and next steps for improvement of the policy partnership for lifelong entrepreneurial learning in Montenegro. Finally, Pranvera Kastrati (Head of SME Sector at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy in Albania), presented the good practice example in regards to the policy framework for development of women's entrepreneurship in Albania.

Following this event, the SME Policy Index: Western Balkans and Turkey 2016 publication is planned to be published in April 2016, which will be accompanied with national presentations of the publication in the Western Balkans and Turkey in May 2016.

The meetings were also attended by Anthony Gribben from ETF and Efka Heder from SEECEL.
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