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Small Business Act for Europe (SBA) is a set of 10 Principles which should guide the design and implementation of policies both at EU and at national level.
The SBA represent the most important legislation that will help achieve the goals of the EU 2020 Strategy.
Human Capital Dimension as part of the SBA process is the most important topic that supports the achievement of these goals.
As stated by the European Commission, “It aims to improve the overall approach to entrepreneurship, permanently anchor the 'Think Small First' principle in policy making from regulation to public service, and to promote SMEs' growth by helping them tackle the remaining problems which hamper their development”.
Since 2014, SEECEL has officially become the fifth partner in the SBA Assessment, together with the European Commission; European Training Foundation (ETF), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Together with ETF, a "Four Point Plan" for 2014-2017 has been developed in order to support the Pre-Accession Region in the process of the implementation of the SBA Assessment of enterprise skills, but also on the enhancement of women's entrepreneurship policies.

In the next period, SEECEL´s task is dedicated in building the SBA policy analysis capacity of regional experts in the SBA human capital dimensions and to actively take part in the SBA Assessment of pre-accession countries.
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